2018 Season

Charity Day.   A.V. Retriever Working Tests Sunday 15th of July 2018

VENUE:- Sudeley Castle Winchcombe Gloucestershire.
By kind permission of Lady Ashcombe and The Dent Brockhurst Family

JUDGES: Lucy Mixture NP,   Martyn Evans NP,   Chris Marchant NP,   Ellena Nunneley NP

Chloe James with Kilpen Howe. Winner of The Nobsquinton Challenge Cup

1st   Alessandra Cecere with Charles Joy. Winner of the Kestrelway Cup
2nd   Steve Prosser with Nobsquinton Teasel of Croftferry
3rd   Killy Pennel with Duches Pepper
4th   Nick Swan with Constanigree Star Beam
Certificates of Merit
Lisa Brown with Bredonedge Wagtail

1st   Sue Goring with The Love of Eros
2nd   Alison Leake with Maderablanca Lecha of Autumnsoak
3rd   Richard Danson with Mosslex Miss Mouch
4th   Caroline Jones with Taveys Tessa
Certificates of Merit
Tamara Pearson with My White Foot
Robert Bowden with Meadowmoor Candy

A.V. Retriever Working Test Saturday 5th of May 2018

VENUE:- Manor Farm.Hill Croome, Upton on Severn WR8 0QB.
By kind permission of Mrs. Alison Spires

JUDGES: Mrs Kate Smith (B Panel B3097). Robert Fisher (Non Panel). Francesca Prentice (Non Panel). Carolyn Jenkins (Non Panel).

1st   Mervyne Newnes with Saundeers Roe Princess
2nd   Ann Turner with Kestralway Daisy
3rd   Margaret Wearing with Ledburn Umber of Lowtrey
Certificates of Merit
Paul Alabaster with Westerkames Rhum
Janice Miller with Millerise Jemima

1st   Mike Fleming with Mitforton Nutmeg
2nd   Linda Partridge with Bradenvale Lochan
3rd   Hayden Willmott with Stykes Boy Llaneynior
4th   Kate Green with Fordbank Oaksey
Certificates of Merit
Chris Aston with Anvilbeck Sevastopol
Ian Glover with Bearbrace Gloveian

2017 Season

Charity A.V. Retriever Working Tests, Sunday 6th of August 2017

Venue   Thriftwood, Bredicote Lane. Crowle. Worcs. By kind pemission of Mr. Ian Rodenhurst
Judges   Brian Gregory (A Panel). Johnny Morris (NP). Craig Perry (NP). Tyrone Axford (NP)
Many thanks to the Land Owners, Judges, Helpers and the Catering side. The raffle was generously supported. The chosen Charity is The Air Ambulance.

Junior Handler
Harry Worthing with Movenne Dark Knight. Winner of The Nobsquinton Challenge Cup

1st   Claire Raymond with Waterford Jaipur. Winner of The Kestrelway Cup
2nd   Lucy Mixture with Kaliture Red Pepper
3rd   Simon Pullen with Roxhart Tinka of Frizelwood
4th   Deana Cornforth with Roxhart Winnie
Certificates of Merit
Rory Phillips with Cynhifa Ruth
Patricia Constantine with Roxhart Rum

1st   Minja Vitikka (from Finland) with Doubleuse Easter Rocket. Winner of The W.G.D.S. Novice Shield
2nd   T.G. Dowman with Gooseberry Hill Gus
3rd   Mrs. C. Peers with Pindale Sage
4th   John Cornforth with Roxhart Aquene
Certificates of Merit
Chris Marchant with Oceanred Canvas Back
Gail Keyte with Artistryn Xanto
Judges C.O.M. to Harry Worthing with Movenne Dark Knight (Junior Handler NFC)

1st   David Godding with Kaliture Cathmor. Winner of The Baker Dobbs Shield
2nd   Paul Green with Slipside Ebony
3rd   Mrs. A. Shearman with Hickory Wood Heart of Gold
4th   Simon Pullin with Frizelwood Ebony
Certificates of Merit
Julia Redpath with Hassycott Sea Snipe
Mrs. M. Jarrod with Chishillhyde Lewis
John Cornforth with Mucklhart Gracie
Steve Prosser with Croftferry Acorn

Novice and Open Retriever Working Tests. 19th of March 2017.

Venue   Byrds Retreat, Church Lench. With kind permission of Bob and Sonya Byrd
Judges   Jamie Bettison (A Panel) David Lisett (A Panel) Tom Forgie (Non Panel) and Graham Clelland (Non Panel)

1st   Morton Redpath with Dealminster Drew of Hassycott
2nd   Nick Swan with Constanigree Shooting Star
3rd   Chris Marchant with Oceanred Canvas Back
4th   David Thomas with Morgies Missy
Certificates of Merit
Jean Fisher with Hassycott Sea Spirit
Caroline Jones with Tavys Tessa
Paul Green with Fordbank Oaksy
Martyn Evans with Dealminster Florin
Paul Alabaster with Westerkames Rhum

1st   Haydn Willmott with Stykes Boy Llangyidr
2nd   Roger Colver with Artistryn Usain
3rd   Wendy Glue with Tanyrhallt Blue Bloods
4th   Paul Green with Slipside Ebony
Certificates of Merit
Alan Rees with Fendawood Ecclestone at Delfryd
Annette Shearman with Hickorywood Heart of Gold