2018 Season


For breeds that hunt, point and retrieve. Held in accordance with Kennel Club J regulations.

Held at Tythe Barn, Norton, Nr Evesham. By kind permission of B+G Nurseries

Sunday 20th May 2018


Puppy   Fiona Wensley (A2814)
Novice   Ian Jones and Sara Jenkins.
Open   Suzi Burton (A2996)
Water   Lisa Harris (B3002 Retriever)


1st   Miss Rachel Hiscox with Lilli Maja(HWV Bitch)
2nd   Mrs Teresa Griffiths with Griffgirls Alamak (GSP Dog)
Water Award to Mr Tony Gelsthorpe (HWV Bitch)


1st   Mr Huw Kirby with Lightning Lottie at Huwlindragon (GSP Bitch)
2nd   Mrs Helen Hopkins with Seasham Don’t Stop Me Know (GSP Dog)
3rd   Mr Ioan Beddoe with Prettypoint’s Filip (HV Dog)
4th and Water Award   Mrs Susan Adams with Katelands Cosmic Encounter (GSP Dog)


1st and Water Award   Miss Michelle Ansell with Madreliath Escavatore (Bracco Italiano Dog)
2nd   Mr Tom Warner with Sanjika Beretta (Italian Spinone Bitch)
3rd   Mrs Karen Saynor with Ekkolander’s Indian Summer (LM Bitch)
4th    Mr Ian Saddler with Klancraig Make Mine A Double (GWP Dog)

Grouse Pointing Test. 1st of April 2018.

Venue   Painscastle Moor. By kind permission of Sir Andrew Duff-Gordon
Judges   Lee Loveridge (A3307) and Peter Szalai (NP).


Graded Very Good
Simon Kirby with Sanjon En Maggi Mai At Helwrcwm.   GSP Bitch, 17/9/16

Graded Good
Lucie Hustler with Aytee Katerina   GSP Bitch 8/8/16

Shirley Mattravers with Hunterstone Rhea   HV Bitch, 4/6/16

No other dogs graded.

2017 Season

H.P.R. Working Tests. 13th of May 2017.

Venue   Byrds Retreat, Church Lench. With kind permission of Bob and Sonya Byrd
Judges   Puppy Matt Smith, Novice Mark Jones and Lloyd Birch, Open Mark Spearing, Water Darren Layton
Special mention ...... The Junior Handler Award, The Davies Trophy. Went to Joseph Jones aged 10 with Ynyslas Bella Bee, a two year old German Wirehaired Pointer Bitch. He also competed in open.


1st   Ekkolander’s Indian Summer, Mrs Karen Saynor. Large Munsterlander Bitch
2nd   Deepthatch Rocket, Ms Ruth Lewis. German Shorthaired Pointer Dog
3rd   Sanjon En Maggi Mai @ Helwyrcwm, Mr Simon Kirby. German Shorthaired Pointer Bitch
4th   Sigourney Maverick, Miss Deb Bowns, German Shorthaired Pointer Dog


1st   Ekkolander’s Indian Summer, Mrs Karen Saynor. Large Munsterlander Bitch
2nd   Klancraig Artemis, Mr Gary Craig. German Wirehaired Pointer Bitch
3rd   Madreliath Escavatore, Miss Michelle Ansell. Bracco Italiano Dog
4th   Penidasher Lucky Lad, Mr Nigel Boden. German Shorthaired Pointer Dog
Certificates of Merit
Klancraig Making A Komeback, Mrs Penny Craig. German Wirehaired Pointer Bitch
Multi CH, SH CH Polcevera’s Ercole (Imp It), Miss Nicola Maddox. Bracco Italiano Dog


1st   Lady Gypsy Rose, Mr Simon Kirby. German Shorthaired Pointer Bitch
2nd   Ladyhawke Perdita, Ms Louise Holmes. German Shorthaired Pointer Bitch
3rd   Kenine Derring Do, Mr Ian Jones, German Wirehaired Pointer Bitch
4th   Sanjika Beretta, Mr Tom Warner. Italian Spinone Bitch