Open HPR Field Trial

Date Saturday 19th January 2019 at the GWCT, Loddington, Leicestershire.

1st No award

2nd Mark Firmin with Everswell Quince
3rd No award
4th No award
Guns award

Rory Major with  Hjortlunds Ekko @ Bryantscroft

Mark Firmin

Stake 1   Novice HPR Field Trial

Date   Thursday 18th October 2018 at the Wappenshall Shoot, Telford. By kind permission of Jonathan Crow
Judges   Ms Suzi Burton (A2996) and Mr Simon Kirby (NP)

1st   John Cotrell with Lilymoorland Gypsy   (BRIT. Bitch)
2nd   Mr. J. Hudson with Floh V D Wielervelden at Fechllindream   (K.G. Bitch)
3rd   Miss E. Mellor with Winterwell Inca Gold To Evagrove   (G.S.P. Bitch)

Guns Award
John Wordsworth with Tournesol Iagan (BRIT.)

   Thanks to the W.G.D.S for the invitation to judge along with Suzi Burton (A Panel), and particularly to Lloyd Birch (FT Sec) who works hard on making these days run and securing fantastic ground, Jonathan Crow the landowner, Dave Whittingham the steward of the beat, Chris guest and her picking up dog, Harry Birch who carried the red flag, Nicola Griffiths-Rose the game carrier, and the guns Dave Bayliss, Dave Buggins, Les Gardner and Jon Parkes.

   We had a full card of 12 dogs, 3 Hungarian Vizslas, 2 Brittanies, 1 Large Munsterlander, 1 Korthals Griffon, 2 German Wirehaired Pointers, 1 Weimaraner and 2 German Shorthaired Pointers.

   It was a very cold, sunny morning. We had a short walk to the open fields of roots where we started the trial, having been told that there was enough open ground to run all the dogs and giving them the chance to show off how these dogs can run. We went into woodland, cover crops and closer cover for the second round.

   We had 3 awards on the day.

   1st John Cottrell’s Brittany, Lilymoorland Gypsy. Running number 2, the first run was a text book pattern and ground treatment, the dog ranging to the edges of the beat, and adjusting as the wind changed from a slight cheek wind which dropped off to nothing as the dog had to change direction around the field. Pacey and stylish. The second run was in thick cover around a pond initially. Finding no birds, the handler decided to head into the dense woodland, taking a gun and judge with him. It paid off, as eventually the dog went on staunch point under thick cover and the handler was asked to produce the pheasant, the dog went in with no hesitation and sat with no command or whistle, steady as the gun took a shot. However the wood was so thick that the bird was unable to be shot. The handler was later called up for a blind retrieve on partridge from roots, making a difficult retrieve look very easy. Good water retrieve.

   2nd Jason Hudson’s Korthals Griffon Floh V D Wieelerveldenat Fechilindream. Running number 11, the first run was text book, running a wide and flat beat. The dog used the wind well and ranged at great distance, the handler allowing the dog to work, and being quiet in his commands. Second run was in thick cover in a belt of woodland. The birds were moving on and made it difficult to point, but one of the lifting birds was shot in a strip of roots outside of the wood and he made a clean blind retrieve. We called him in for a third run in maize to get a point which he got, producing a couple of birds which were shot. We come out of the maize for one of the retrieves, which he made cleanly. Water retrieve was good.

   3rd Libby Mellor’s GSP Winterwell Inca Gold to Evagrove. Running number 10, on the first run the dog ranged with pace and drive but the ground coverage could have been better in places. Second run was in woodland with thick cover and it was not long before the dog was on point, we asked to produce the bird and she did and sat. The bird was missed and working on the dog pointed and produced again and this time the bird was shot outside the wood. We went outside the wood for the retrieve which was completed with ease. Water retrieve was completed with some handling.

   Guns’ award went to John Wordsworth’s Brittany SH CH Tournesol Lagan

   Finally I would like to thank all the competitors for a great day and thanks to Suzi Burton for being such a great mentor for the day

   Report from Simon Kirby (non panel)

Stake 2 - All Aged HPR Field Trial

Monday 12th of November 2018 at the Wappenshall Shoot, Telford. By kind permission of Jonathan Crow
Judges: John Naylor (A2530) and Ray Davies (B2956)

Just one award for this trial

Guns Award
Mrs Penny Craig with Klancraig Making a Komeback (G.W.P. Bitch)

GROUND: Stubble field under-sown grass, Root crop fields, Thick hedgerows alongside canal, Section of woodland.
WIND: Varied in strength and direction.
GAME: Partridges Pheasants.
Awards: None.

OVERALL VIEW: The standard during the day, as seen by judges, of work and handling could have been more effective, as all dogs had the chance of game with a number of dogs showing good working ability but were let down somewhat by being under-trained and poorly handled, with some prevalence of back casting by a number of the dogs being an issue, so inhibiting the ‘Partnership’.
   Another point was that sometimes dogs were not able to hold the game so not allowing handler and guns to get into position to succeed with an HPR!!, as seems the dogs had their own agenda.

Many thanks to WGDS for the invitation to judge, our host’s keeper ‘Freddy’ in getting us into game during the day so efficiently, plus guns for the support during the day. Thanks to our Chief Steward Lloyd Birch, for the support and effective management of the day, and the handlers who ran under us for the enjoying and demanding day. But not least to my senior judge John Naylor in sharing the day and sharing the wealth of knowledge and experience with me.

‘Happy Season to ALL’.      Ray Davies. HPR ‘B’ judge.